Derrick Michaels

Saxophonist | Composer | Educator

Baltimore-based tenor saxophonist whose approach is at once unapologetically lyrical and uncompromisingly dynamic. 

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Derrick Michaels Quartet @ Bertha's

There is an invisible line that many traditionalists trace between styles of jazz performance. This line, while invisible, is palpable. On one side of the line, there is “correct” jazz vocabulary, played in a convincing manner, with enough emotion to instigate nostalgia in the listener, keeping the music of yesteryear alive and well. On the other side of the line are the outliers…the ones who perceive the jazz tradition to be rooted in a creative process, rather than a style or idiom. These outliers are more likely to risk going off the rails while reaching for something that may never have been played before - accepting mistakes as a part of the process. This, too is jazz. This, too, is tradition. On this night, we will offer music from the outlier perspective. We are creating spontaneous music, unafraid to draw inspiration from the tradition of jazz, and equally unafraid to stick a monkey wrench in its spokes.

DM-tenor saxophone

John Dierker-clarinets

Derek Wiegmann-bass

Michael Vincent Ross-drums

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